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It's not a course.It is a full time jobwhere you earn, learn andlaunch your tech career

MountBlue is for you if -

  • You are a CS/IT graduate looking for a strong start to your tech career
  • You are in an entry-level tech role but are looking to change your orbit
  • You are employed in a large service based MNC in a boring job looking for interesting challenges
  • You are a non-CS/IT graduate looking to become a software developer
  • You have completed training from ISA/ coding schools like Scaler Academy, Masai School,, Newton School, Coding Ninjas, NavGurukul etc. and are searching for the right opportunity
  • You are tired of watching endless tutorials and want to build real stuff
  • You are employed in a non-tech role and realize all the fun is in tech
  • You are looking to get back to tech after a break and no one is betting on you
  • You are done preparing for sarkari naukri /civil services /bank PO /SSC and the likes and are now willing to pursue a high flying tech career

How does it work?

Duration: 13-15 weeks

Bootcamp starts from Day 1 of joining MountBlue. Emphasis is on learning by doing. You will build a series of projects of increasing complexity under the mentorship of a senior software engineer with industry experience. You will also be coached on essential communication and other life skills necessary to be a successful software engineer

Duration: 12-13 months

You will be deployed in the tech team of a customer of MountBlue. These are well known product and services startups. You will be a part of our customer’s engineering team and will contribute significantly as an entry level software engineer

Post MountBlue
Avg. compensation: INR 8 - 12 LPA

After the deployment phase, ~95% of our engineers get a good offer from the customer they are deployed at. >90% of our engineers accept the offer and become an employee of the customer, while the rest after having an excellent 1+ year of rich SDE experience are able to bag multiple job offers in the market

Why join MountBlue ?

Don't just take it from us. Our current and ex-employees are constantly sharing their success stories with the world.

Faizan BhatSDE I -

Faizan Bhat


It has been a while working for now, and I can say there would not have been a better place to work. Great and helpful people around. Thank you guys. Thank you MountBlue Technologies.

23 Nov 2021
Full Stack Developer in Bangalore
Best Company For Fresher
  • The company provide great opportunity to work in one of the best product based start-up's across the country as client to Fresher.
  • They provide their newly hired employees proper training so that they can efficiently work with their clients.
  • interview process was pretty clean and transparent.


  • Salary amount can be improved.
6 Sep 2021
Software Trainee in Bangalore
Best platform to jumpstart your career
  • Intensive Bootcamp with great mentors to help you in both, technical & non-technical domains.
  • You get to train together with like-minded individuals with the same ambition as you.
  • Well connected network of startups where you get to work all across India.
  • Very approachable management to cater to your request if it's genuine.
If you're into coding/development and want to work in startups from the get-go which usually requires some prior experience, go for Mountblue. It's worth it!


None that I can think of, really.
The boot camp is quite rigorous. So the few months you do train at mount blue, concentrate entirely on it. There's not a lot of free time to do anything else.
21 Aug 2021
Software Engineer in Bangalore
Boost your carrer
Excellent Training Environment. After the training, you will deploy to the good company based on your skill and domain. Great work/learning environment during the training period.


The cons are actually to be considered as pros and it will help you in future. Strict timeline to complete the project, assignment or task. In less time you will learn a lot. You have to forget your work-life balance during the training period.
21 Nov 2020
Software Engineer Trainee in Bangalore
Gateway to amazing opportunities
Amazing mentors, Great learning curves, Semester points, year gaps does not matter if you are ready to learn and code, It helps those who help themselves. Work hard, no discrimination.


No cons as such. Its deal is pretty simple and straight forward.
Bishal DuttaSDE at DMI(Digital Management, LLC)

Bishal Dutta

SDE at DMI(Digital Management, LLC)

Last day a amazing journey of 1.5 years with MountBlue Technologies has came to end.
MountBlue Technologies is my first company, and as a fresher I coudn't have asked for any better opportunity than MountBlue Technologies. My time spend here taught me more than I could have hoped for. Thanks to Mountblue team for providing such a platform where an individual can learn, develop and grow.
That being said, I am pleased to share that I'll be joining DMI (Digital Management, LLC) . Looking forward to working with DMI (Digital Management, LLC)

18 Oct 2020
Former Software Developer in Mumbai
Best place to begin your career
  • Hiring involves a good level of coding assessment.
  • Great bunch of mentors to guide you through your initial stages.
  • Team work is encouraged.
  • Beginners get a good hands on new technologies.
  • Great set of practice exercises
  • Initial 3 months of training involves rigorous learning effort. Then you are deployed for on-site to a client company based on your performance. Thanks to Mountblue, I got to work in a good company which after a year absorbed me with a good pay.
  • Office space is a co-working space which has good vibes and learning becomes interesting.


Not so much. All my experiences so far are good with the company. Getting approved of leaves was a bit of struggle but it can be a good point when you are learning.
12 Oct 2020
SDE in Bangalore
Best work place to rocket start your career. Learning opportunities are unlimited.
  • Exciting technologies, exciting companies to be deployed onto.
  • You get quick growth.
  • Good salary for fresher


Nothing compared to pros. It's all good. Things were kind of scary in the beginning because everything was new and most of us were under some pressure to be more productive in learning. So, we could have done more fun activities.
Sagar KumarSDE I - HighRadius

Sagar Kumar

SDE I - HighRadius

I often get messages asking whether joining MountBlue Technologies will be beneficial or not. I always tell them that it will be beneficial, and the learning curve would be very steep.
With guidance from my mentor and support from other trainees in the batch, I was able to learn a lot and put them into practice as well. Learning complete backend development and working on projects from scratch in a span of only 10 weeks wouldn't have been possible without them.
Accepting an offer from MountBlue was the best decision I had ever made. Kudos to the team. #learning #training #skills

15 Sep 2020
Software Engineer in Bangalore
If you get into MountBlue, don't miss the opportunity.
You'll get an experience which a 1 year guy can rarely have. You can actually dream of pursuing your career in A grade companies after wards when your knowledge is fully developed.


If you're not hardworking, you'll suck over here.
20 Apr 2020
Software Engineer Trainee in Bangalore
An amazing organisation for your first job
As a software engineer trainee, you undergo an intense 10-11 week, tech-intensive program that starts from the rudiments of a particular tech-stack and finishes with you getting placed at a top-notch product-based company. You learn how to learn efficiently. You regularly undergo code reviews that help you write better, more efficient and professional code. The course is extremely well-designed to suit industry needs. Being in the program helps build a robust work ethic.


I personally didn't find any.
7 May 2018
Full Stack Java Developer in Bangalore
One year journey to propel your corporate journey!
  • Amazing programming bootcamp for Full Stack Web Development
  • Knowledgeable and helping mentors.
  • Exposure to creamy layer of startups with endless opportunities
  • Easily approachable and caring management


None, that I can think of
28 Mar 2019
Software Trainee in Bangalore
Best training cum coding bootcamp
All trainers are awesome You get to learn a lot of stuff. You are going to become very disciplined and hard working. Nice cafeteria. Nice people.


No cons I can thought of.